Monday, October 29, 2012

Newborn Baby Love: Times Two!

What an opportunity to photograph newborn twins!  I was so happy their parents allowed me into their home at such a wild, wondrous time to photograph the new babies.  They were so gorgeous!   I could have sat and watched them for hours.  And I of course had to hold one (every chance I got) to help momma out, since there were two of them.

So the story goes that you should photograph newborns in the first ten days of life, to maximize their sleepiness and ability to be manipulated into adorable poses.  But these little ones were three weeks old and very cooperative, once both finally fell asleep at the same time.
First we did some shots that were perfect for b&w...

And with their gorgeous skin tones, I had to do some in color too...


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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fur Babies

I haven't had the opportunity to do much pet photography, but when a chance encounter happened with the most adorable little Miss Chika - a Pug, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier mix - I knew I had to grab my camera out of the car and shoot off a few frames.  This little girl was the impeccable model.  So poised.  So delightful. Striking a pose at every turn.....

It was like she was saying, "Look at me. I'm a super model."   If all pets are as easy to shoot as she was (and I'm quite sure they're not!) I'm in! Bring on the pet shoots!
And this last one has to be my favorite.......
There are so many possible captions for it:
1. So dogs really blink during photo shoots like people do!?!
2. I think I'll take a little cat nap while you fiddle with that big black box you are holding.
3. I'm on my break - I can't be bothered right now.
4. This is what it would look like If dogs could purr.
Etc, etc, etc!
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