Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mural As Background

When I shoot portraits, I generally like the background to fade away.  I like for the subject to stand out and be the main focus.  But recently, some very cool murals have been popping up around my city and I thought it would be fun to shoot a children's photo session in front of one.  I think the colorful, urban feel of the mural enhances the photograph.  And bringing a few props from home helps to keep things playful (chair, jewelry, flower).

One thing to remember about using your background as a feature in your photograph is that you really have to pay attention to it - the colors, patterns, lines, etc. - in relation to your subject.  Otherwise, its easy to end up with odd shapes/lines/trees/poles/etc. growing out of people's heads (and yes, this did happen to me during this shoot!) See...

Prominently featuring your background in your photo can be fun but it does add another layer of considerations to challenge your brain while shooting.  And I don't recommend bringing a four-year-old along as your "assistant", although I have to admit mine was very good at making faces at and extracting smiles from my model.

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  1. Thats my sweet niece! Precious pictures!

    1. Thank you! She was such a great model - And I could have named this post "Look at those big beautiful brown eyes"!

  2. I love the idea of using urban murals for backdrops. There are so many good choices around Decatur and Atlanta now.


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